Lisa Sztukowski, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher


Marine ecology, predator-prey interactions, foraging ecology, marine ornithology, spatial analysis, ecological and population modeling

I completed my master’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at the University of Missouri in 2011. My thesis was associated with a rat eradication planned for Wake Island and assessed on the risk of bait consumption by Sooty Terns and environmental factors affecting survival of Sooty Tern chicks. My PhD thesis has been submitted to the University of Plymouth and focused on the foraging ecology and spatial foraging consistency of Campbell Albatross, as well as assessing interactions with fisheries. At the Alaska SeaLife Center, I’m working with Dr. Tuula Hollmen on conceptual ecological modeling for Gulf Watch Alaska program. Conceptual modeling integrates what is known about the ecosystem, highlighting gaps in information and high-priority areas for research, as well as providing the basis for simple simulations.  The goal of this project is to examine mesoscale mechanisms shaping ecosystem structure and function within the Gulf of Alaska.