Audrey Duncan

Senior Finance Manager

Born and raised in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  I am the youngest of five siblings.  Hated high school, loved college.  I have a degree in Accounting, a degree in Business, a degree in Human Resources, all from different colleges, and I have almost completed an MBA at UAA.  However, I don’t think the last degree will ever be completed as I am very busy with life in general these days and they keep raising the tuition.

I am married to a truly great man.  He has taken me on treasure hunting adventures all over the United States.  He has had to protect me from bears and rattle snakes and my own cooking.  I have a beautiful and creative daughter and three amazing grandchildren.  They lived in Alaska with me for a while but missed the sunshine so, sadly, they are back in Virginia now. 

My husband and I share our apartment with a terrible mixed breed dog named Maximus.  He refuses to eat dog food, likes to shred paper towels, sleeps in the middle of the bed and drinks from the toilet.  If anyone is interested in adopting, please let me know.

My personality defects include, but are not limited to:  random outbursts of tears and/or laughter, getting distracted by stray animals, talking to strangers, spending too much time watching zombies on the TV, and compulsively trying new things.  Oh, and I hate having my picture taken.

I feel very blessed to be working here at the Alaska SeaLife Center.  This amazing place is alive with people who are passionate about their work and take the time to introduce any takers to the remarkable creatures that call the Center home.  In a nut shell, I am just happy to be a part of something so important and beautiful.