You are seeing a livestream of what ASLC scientists are seeing right now on the Chiswell Island Steller sea lion rookery. Live observation hours are from 9 AM - 6 PM (AK time) daily. ASLC scientists have been monitoring the behavior and population dynamics of the Endangered Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska since 1998.


Are the cameras not live?

When the signal is unavailable during observation hours (9 AM - 6 PM AK time) or non-observation hours (6 PM - 9 AM AK time), we will play previously recorded footage until the livestream is restored. The success of the remote-operated camera system is determined by many unpredictable factors, including consistent wind and solar energy to fuel the batteries.


About the Chiswell Island Steller sea lion remote video monitoring project: 

The ASLC Remote Video Monitoring Team collects data every year by remotely controlling cameras in the Gulf of Alaska from an office at the Alaska SeaLife Center. The data that has been collected has taught us not just about these amazing marine mammals, but about the entire ecosystem that they live in. This livestream is for scientific and educational purposes and will contain unpredictable moments from the wild that may be graphic for some viewers. Examples of these moments could include births, males defending territories, pup mortality, predation, and more. Activities permitted by: USFWS Land Use Permit, NMFS Permit No. 22293


Watch weekly highlight videos from the research team:

Our Chiswell Island Research Team shares weekly video updates from the observation season, check out the playlist to see incredible moments from this season:

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