Wei Ying Wong, Ph.D.

President and CEO

Wei Ying has worked in interdisciplinary and multicultural conservation projects both locally and internationally for almost two decades. An experienced executive with a passion for marine science, the pursuit of studies and career has brought her to many different states and countries. Amidst snowstorms, Wei Ying joined ASLC and the community of Seward in December 2021 as the Chief Science and Education Officer (CSEO). As CSEO, Wei Ying reenergized and expanded the science and education programs to develop and implement a visionary science agenda. Wei Ying was named President and CEO on March 31, 2024.

Wei Ying marries her social science training and love of strategy to build programs that engage diverse stakeholders in conservation to achieve measurable outcomes. She is committed to the establishment of inclusive discourses and socially just environmental policies, as well as dismantling the systems of power and privilege in the conservation arena.

Wei Ying earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Environmental Studies at Brown University and continues to keep her fingertips in invasion ecology research. She has been the recipient of multiple research fellowships including Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in Environmental Communication and Margaret Sheridan Community Learning Award, as well as a participant of several leadership programs such as Toyota-Audubon Conservation Leader, Rhode Island Foundation Emerging Non-Profit Leader, and AZA Executive Leadership.