Alaska SeaLife Center announces new board officers, incoming members
February 9, 2021

Seward, Alaska (February 9, 2021)– The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) is pleased to welcome Rachel Kallander as the newest member to its Board of Directors, and announces the election of two new officers: Board Chair Terry Lauck of ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.; and Vice Chair Josie Hickel of Chugach Alaska Corporation. These appointments took place at the Alaska SeaLife Center Board of Directors’ annual meeting in September 2020.

Rachel Kallanderis Managing Partner of Kallander & Associates LLC, an advocacy and political strategy firm in Anchorage, and Founder and Executive Director of Arctic Encounter (AES), a nonprofit organization. AES convenes the largest annual Arctic policy event in the U.S. in addition to international events with global partners throughout the circumpolar north. Hailing from her roots in a Cordova fishing family, Rachel brings over a decade of public relations, policy development, campaign, and strategic communications experience to the ASLC Board. Having served as professional staff in the U.S. Congress and the Alaska State Legislature, and in leadership positions on several statewide political campaigns, Rachel brings broad experience in the Arctic, fisheries, legal, and political sectors. Rachel will serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term and sit on its Marketing & Communications Committee.

Terry Lauckis the Director of Environment & Permitting for ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. Originally from Nebraska, Terry has been employed by ConocoPhillips for over 32 years, having held a variety of environmental, regulatory, and process improvement assignments in five different states before relocating to Alaska in 2014. Terry has been a dedicated member on the Board of Directors since January 2015. He previously chaired the board’s Development and Governance committees and will serve as the Board Chair for the next two years.

Josie Hickel is the Executive Vice President of ANSCA and Community Affairs for the Chugach Alaska Corporation. A lifelong Alaskan and Chugach Shareholder originally from Seward, Josie has nearly 20 years of executive level experience in business management and administration in the state. She has held past positions with Petro 49, Inc., The Pebble Partnership, The Wilson Agency, and National Bank of Alaska. She currently serves on the board of the Alaska Oil Industry Support Alliance, Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council, and is a member of the Anchorage ATHENA Society. Josie has been a member on the Board of Directors since September 2017 and will serve as its Vice Chair for the next two years.“I’m thrilled we have such strong leaders stepping in, and the addition of Rachel Kallander to this group just amplifies the depth of experience, skill, and community engagement of the Alaska SeaLife Center’s Board of Directors. We are in good hands!” said Immediate Past Chair Wendy Lindskoog.“I’m honored and humbled to step into the role of the Board Chair to work alongside such a dedicated, passionate and diverse group of individuals that comprise the board and staff of the Alaska SeaLife Center. Despite an incredibly challenging and tumultuous 2020, all nine board members with a three-year term expiring in October 2020 chose to renew their board memberships for another term. The commitment of this entire team is inspiring, and I’m proud to lead them down the path of sustainably fulfilling our mission,” said Board Chair Terry Lauck.

ASLC Board of Directors:

Terry Lauck, Chair

Josie Hickel, Vice Chair

Christy Terry, Secretary

Rachel Bunnell, Treasurer

Wendy Lindskoog, Past Chair

Thomas Barrett

Martin Cary

Kate Consenstein

Larry Cooper

Bridget Coughlin

Angel Drobnica

Stephen Grabacki

Dan Graham

Josh Howes

Rachel Kallander

Nicole Kimball

Joshua Kindred

Lu Levoy

Peter Micciche

Roslyn Mitchell

Bradley Moran

Brian Pinkston

Darryl Schaefermeyer

Herb Schroeder

Ryan Stuart

Robert Suydam

Tom Tougas

Daniel White

About ASLC:

Opened in 1998, the Alaska SeaLife Center operates as a 501(c)(3), non-profit research institution and public aquarium. It generates and shares scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems. The ASLC is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. To learn more, visit  




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