Nominations Now Open for 2023 Alaska Ocean Leadership Awards
November 2, 2022

The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) announces the opening of the nomination period for the 2023 Alaska Ocean Leadership Awards. ASLC established the Awards to recognize those who have made significant contributions to ocean sciences, education, and resource management in Alaska. Nominations for the 2023 Alaska Ocean Leadership Awards are open now through December 12, 2022. 


The award categories are as follows:


Walter J. & Ermalee Hickel Lifetime Achievement Award: Awarded to an individual or institution that has made an exceptional contribution to management of Alaska’s coastal and ocean resources over a period of 20 or more years. $1,000 cash prize. Sponsored by the late Governor Walter J. and the late Ermalee Hickel.


Stewardship & Sustainability Award: Awarded to an industry initiative that demonstrates the highest commitment to sustainability of ocean resources. Sponsored by Jason Brune.


Marine Research Award: Awarded to a scientist, team of scientists, or an institution that is acknowledged by peers to have made an original breakthrough contribution or a career spanning achievement in any field of scientific knowledge about Alaska’s oceans. $500 cash prize. Sponsored by Dr. Clarence Pautzke and Dr. Maureen McCrea.


Marine Science Outreach Award: Awarded to a person, team, or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to ocean literacy via formal or informal education, media, or other communications about Alaska’s marine ecosystems. $500 cash prize. Sponsored by Alaska Ocean Observing System.


Ocean Youth Award: Awarded to an individual or team of Alaskan youth up to 19 years old who has displayed dedication to promoting the understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s oceans. $500 cash prize. Sponsored by Brian Pinkston.


To make a nomination for any of these awards, visit our website or email




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