We would like to thank our many individual donors who have made donations to help Save the Center!

April 20 - August 31, 2020

Beverly Dunham
John Evans and Heather Tauschek
Patrice Krant
Carol Ann Lindsey
Tammi Lindsey
Lisa and Steve McLennan
Anita Prinzmetal
Helene Smith
Michael L. Brittain
Charilyn and Bob Cardwell
Carmen and Kevin Dunham
Marcie Errico
Jim and Rhonda Hubbard
Christina and Luke Kouris
Jamie McNellis
Mr. McNellis
Jo Ann and Rick Nelson
Betty Petrie
Melissa and Charles Portera
Peter and Bernadine Raiskums
Evan Rose and Barb Saenz-Rose
Konrad Schruf
Dianne Toebe
George Walker
Janet Wolf
Arne and Kimberly Aamodt
Amy Adkison
Jeff and Stefanie Baird
Carol Best
Sandra Blinstrubas and Chuck Schumann
Lisa and Nick Brest
Mary Bronner
Linda Cameron
Connie and Bill Chambers
Marilyn Charles
Alice Chen and Robert Hunt
Lisa Climo
Shelle Cover
Jonathan Coyle
Eileen Faulkner
Joseph and Allison Fong
Richard Glenn
Sue and RJ Hall
Pamela Hansen
Josie and Jack Hickel
Mimi Hogan and PJ Hill
James Jackson
Carole and Bruce Jaffa
Candice Kotyk
Linda and Leah Kumin
Sherri and David Lachance
Terry Lauck and Allyson Parker-Lauck
Thomas Liverance
C.J. Livingston
Deborah and J. Brian Magruder
Sharon L. May
Roxy McDonagh
Patricia Moeller
Mark and Julie Moraes
Ray and Marian Nickelson
Kimberly and Andy Panko
Amy Peloza
Amy Pierce
Michael Riley
Candice Schlafmann
David and Lori Sears
Elizabeth Sharp and Alan Colter
Robert Suydam and Leslie Pierce
Christy Tuomi and Jurgen Jensen
Jan and Jeraldine van den Top
Thomas and Chantal Walsh
Dustin and Jennie Wilde
David Wilkins
David Zumbro
Ann and Kam Altaffer
Christy Anderson
Mary Ann and Tim Hopper
Ken Ayers
Charles and Sarah Baldwin
Charles Banister and Heather Weldon
Krista and Alex Barbosa
Blaine and Jean Bardarson
Cheryl Barger
Traci and Will Barickman
O.Kay Barnum
Ronny Bass
Marty and Kim Bassett
Brandon Bauer
Teresa Becher
Barbara Beeman and Glenn Arundell
Jeff and Susan Beich
Linda Beja and Everett Hightower
Melissa Beneke
Dawn Bennett
Carri Berger
Brandon and Nicole Biggs
Michael and Judy Blair
John and Sharon Blankenship
Samantha Blanquart
Penny Bloedel and David Derochick
Cheryl Boomershine
Michelle Booth
Corey Bower
Jennifer Bowman
Carla Britton
Keith Broderick
David and Susan Brown
Karen Brown
Tyler and Alicia Brown
Rachel and Luke Bunnell
Greg and Janice Bunting
Michael and Nancy Burke
Miranda Burzinski
Regina and Kevin Butler
Judith Calhoun and Peter Stark
Holly and Jon Cannon
Sarah Cassidy
Kathleen Chapados
Cheryl Charic
Carlotta B. Chernoff
Susan and Jefferson Childs
James Christie and Tracey Wollenberg
Therese Church
Mary Cocklan-Vendl and Larry Vendl
Mike Coffing
Denise Cole
Larry and Tammy Cooper
Christine Cotterall
Bridget Coughlin and Brian Wegner
Gwenyth Crabtree and Roy Dean
Steve Crupi and Julie Saupe
Norman Custard and Patricia Turner Custard
Kent and Jenny Dawson
Ralph and Cecilia Deatherage
Anne Donaghy
Matt and Leann DuFour
Diane Dunham
Thomas Dunlap
Sarah Dunn
Kevin Eastham
Franklin Ellenson
Joseph Engel
Tammy Erickson
Will Fancher
Alan Findley
Cheryl Fitzgerald
Ryan and Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Chrys and Kim Fleming
Joseph Foard
Lori and Eddie Forstein
Rabun and Patricia Fox
Susan Freie
Leonette Gabriel
Bernard Gareau
Brad and Jill Gaskill
Nelson and Margaret Gingerich
Mike and Patricia Gordon
Drew and Catherine Grimes
Amy L. Gruber
Amy C. Haddow
Joan Harvey
Marion Henley-Nickson and Paul Albert
Dale Hoffman
Scott and Susan Hooper
Josh Howes and Trena Gamel Howes
Susan Humphrey Barnett and Steve Barnett
Belinda and Jason Jerger
Katarzyna Johnson
Brian and Norma Johnson
Molly Keller and Taylor Crohn
Maggie Kelly and John Braden
J. Gwen Kennedy
Brent Kimball
Mary Klix and Janet Hawi
Lilly Knackstedt
Kristopher and Rachel Knauss
Karla Kolash and Harold Curran
Cheryl Konter
Michelle Lacey
Mario Lanza
Michelle Lean
Richard Leirer
Jennifer and Chuck Lent
Laura Levoy and Brian Gates
Matt and Tiffany Lindsey
Wendy Lindskoog and Dave Parish
Willima Lockwood
Kimberly Lovrich
Kim Madorsky
Meredyth Makris
Victor and Kathy Martin
Carla and Bret Mason
Marie McConnell
Roberta and Lynn McGee
Lisa McKeegan
Donald McNeil
Thomas Meade and Mary Whitmore
M and P Medolo
M.J. Menendez
Krista Milani
Sheila Miller
Cortney Moore
Jeff and Becky Moore
Susan Moore
Royce and Shari Morgan
Shannon and Janner Morgan
Judith Moscibrocki
George Nagel
Scott and Deborah Naspinsky
Don Neal
Thomas Nenahlo
Amy Nicholson
Eileen Nickoloff
Kelley Nixon
Carolyn Noriega
Alissa Oder
Tiffany O'Hara
Nate Olmstead
Ted Parsons and Susan Randlett
Mike and Carolyn Paterson
Patricia Patterson
Clarence Pautzke and Maureen McCrea
Debra Perala and Robert Lemon
Robert Peterson and Barbara Bohn
Jennifer Petron
Brian and Amy Pierce
Stephanie Pilch
Brian and Lisa Pinkston
Stephen and Michelle Plichta
Joshua and Jill Pogorelec
Michal and Kelsey Pramik
Kelsey and Garrett Quick
Michale Ratzlaff
James Richardson
Megan and Tim Riebe
Ethel and Jim Riley
Patti Risdal
Wendy Robbins
Lindsey and Bruce Roberts
Melanie and Don Roller
William Ross
Paul and Sharon Rupple
John and Barbara Russell
Lou Saksen
Colleen Savoie and Thomas Wang
Julie Schmidt
Stephen Schroeder
Mary Schultz
Katy Jurney Scrivo
Patricia and Charles See
Katherine Senter
Jennifer Shaw and Tim Peltier
Linda Shore
Katharine and Kevin Silknitter
Sue Simonds
Don and Linda Slone
Lilan Smith
Robin Smith
Shannon Spalding
Sarah Shaw-Stahlke
Matthew and Manette Stanley
Christopher and Faye Stiehm
Margaret Stock and Neil O'Donnell
Craig and Monique Stowers
Melissa and Doug Sturgis
Matthew Summers
John and Mary Kay Swartz
Maria and Tom Talasz
Lisa Tibor
Forbes and Caity Tompkins
Suzanne Tryck
Mandy Tsui
Vargtan Verensyöjä and Breanna Byrd
Jerry Ware
Lois Weber
Joe and Linne Weinberger
Deborah Whalen
Rebecca and Jim White
Jon Wilson
Mark and Elizabeth Winslow
Mark and Stella Wisner
Amanda and Jon Wyanski
Elizabeth Wyant
Wanli Ye and Liu Wang
Hiram Walter Young
Marian Zachry
The full list of 2020 donors will be displayed at the end of the year.