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Meet Heather Coletti

Marine Ecologist, National Park Service SW Alaska Inventory & Monitoring Network

Heather Coletti

Heather's role in Gulf Watch Alaska:

Nearshore Program Principal Investigator

Important skills for her position:

"Curiosity is a big one, I think.  And a willingness to work in uncomfortable conditions - and long hours."

Challenges in her work:

"Having just that one opportunity to collect the data, and what does that really mean in a whole year?"


Heather's advice to young people interested in science: "Volunteer. You know, school, of course, is important, but the sooner you can volunteer and get out in the field and start to get to know folks, the opportunities will present themselves.  We always have work, we always have questions, and if you are willing to get out there, opportunities will come."


Heather Coletti describes her favorite thing about working with sea otters and how she got interested in nearshore ecology. (0:54)

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