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Meet Sonia Batten

Biological Oceanographer, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science

Sonia Batten

Sonia's role in Gulf Watch Alaska:

Environmental Drivers Principal Investigator

Important skills for her position:

Basic science training, interest in small things, interest in seeing both "big pictures" and patterns

Challenges in her work:

"Anything to do with studying the ocean is challenging because you can’t sample enough of it to really understand what is going on. So trying to understand what’s going on across the horizontal region, down through the water column, and through time is really hard because they all change, all of the time."

Sonia's advice to young people interested in science: "If you have a questioning mind and you like looking at the way the world works, then you are a scientist.  How you use that in a career could be anything from teaching, to talking with politicians to try and get policies that will help a community - there are so many different things. I would just say that it may not be the dry and dusty thing that you think it is. You can be a scientist and have a huge range of careers. If you are interested in things like that, keep your mind open for opportunities where you can use science."

Sonia Batten discusses one of the coolest things about the ocean. (0:31)

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