Rescue & Rehab Journal


April, 16th 2015
The Alaska SeaLife Center received a call that a local hunter found a baby seal last night in Clark's Point, Alaska. The hunter did not see a mother nearby. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and ASLC decided this morning that it would be in the pup's best interest to be transported to Seward for care. 
Thank you to Richard in Clark's Point, Jason and all of Grant Aviation, and PenAir for a tremendous amount of assistance with the rescue and transport of this young pup.


April, 16th 2015

The pup is covered with a white fluffy fur, known as lanugo. She is a spotted seal, estimated to be approximately one week old.


April, 16th 2015

Bloodwork and other laboratory test results are in. Despite losing her mother, the seal pup appears to be in good heath. 


April, 16th 2015

Today the pup had another veterinary exam to make sure there aren't any new health concerns. Everything looks good!


April, 16th 2015

The seal pup is growing well, and has begun fish school. She swims in shallow water with small pieces of fish, which she will likely figure out how to eat all on her own.


April, 16th 2015

The pup has a great interest in fish, but is still trying to figure out how to eat on her own.


April, 16th 2015

Another veterinary check-up is scheduled for later this week to make sure the pup is still  healthy. Measurements will be taken to keep track of her growth.


April, 16th 2015

The pup's vet exam went well today.


April, 16th 2015

Rehabilitation staff are working hard to teach the spotted seal to eat fish. She's trying, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.


April, 16th 2015

The spotted seal has moved to a larger pool! This pool will give her more space to swim and provides a haul-out for her to rest on. She can be observed by the public as this pool is in our I Sea U.


April, 16th 2015

Our little spotted seal has slowly been transitioning to an all herring diet! She really enjoys chasing fish, and is gaining weight steadily.


April, 16th 2015

This spotted seal now has a name, Sura!


April, 16th 2015

Sura is eating great, she spends tons of time diving around her pool, and swimming through the underwater tunnel in her pool.


April, 16th 2015
Happy Rehab Race Day! Today runners in Seward and Virtual Runners across the country are doing a 5k in honor of the Wildlife Response Team here at the Alaska SeaLife Center. It is their generous donations that allow our team to rehabilitate animals like Sura, so Thank You!!!


April, 16th 2015

Sura is interacting very well with our mammalogists. She is very calm during feeds, and is slowly being introduced to basic behaviors that will be necessary at whatever facility she eventually calls home.


April, 16th 2015

Sura has been introduced to our resident Harbor seals! Everyone is getting along so nicely that Sura has been moved, and is now sharing a pool with the female harbor seals.


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