Rescue & Rehab Journal


June, 19th 2015

This animal was found in Pilot Point and after observation was determined to be without a mother. Thanks to a good samaritan and Lake Clark Air for helping to get the abandoned seal pup to ASLC for rehabilitation.

Intake exam

June, 20th 2015

After the intake exam it was determined this pup is a 3 day old female. She is quite thin and has an umbilical infection, so she will begin a round of antibiotics immediately.

Slowly but surely

June, 30th 2015

The pup has begun to gain weight, and is improving daily. She has been tube fed a specialized formula for harbor seal pups.

Fish school

July, 4th 2015

To help transition her to a diet of fish, this pup is being fish schooled. She gets to swim with live and dead fish, and staff expect her instinct to kick in so she will start eating on her own.

Eating solo!

July, 10th 2015

The young pup has made a big step recently - she is now eating fish all on her own!


July, 23rd 2015

This pup was officially named Cookie by some wonderful Conoco Philips contributors. She is gaining weigh great and has started on variable feeds to mimic more of a natural unpredictable feed schedule she may have in the wild. 


July, 31st 2015

After receiving a dewormer as a precaution this pup is ready to be introduced to other seals to start acquiring additional skills necessary for survival in the wild. 

Eye issues

August, 21st 2015

Cookie has been experiencing some discomfort in one of her eyes. An opthamalogist for animals came to Seward to give her an exam. She has scar tissue on her eye, and though it seems uncomfortable at times it doesn't inhibit her vision. This is good news, as staff can still plan for her release this fall.

Release day!

October, 1st 2015

It is Cookie's big day - she has passed all health exams and will be released today! She will be traveling with her two pool mates to King Salmon for release back into the ocean. Have fun out there Cookie! 


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