Rescue & Rehab Journal

Tossed in the surf

June, 9th 2015

This pup was found in Egegik being tossed in the surf during a storm.  It was decided this animal was abandoned or separated from mom and was transported to ASLC.

Initial feeds

June, 13th 2015

This little pup was initially hydrated well and only had one small abrasion hear his eye after being tossed around in the waves. Since arrival, he has been tube fed a specialized formula for harbor seal pups. He is doing well and is starting to gain weight.


June, 19th 2015

This seal's name was voted to be Dusky. After passing some feces and being on antibiotics for a potential umbilicus infection, he is growing stronger every day.

Fish school

June, 25th 2015

Dusky had his first fish school today. He was tracking and chasing fish on his first try! Staff will start to incorporate fish into his diet with assist feeds.    

A fast learner

June, 29th 2015

After just a couple days of live fish schooling, Dusky seems to have gotten the hang of eating on his own.

Growing up

July, 4th 2015

4th of July is a great day to start on full cold water salt swims in his condo pool.  Dusky has gotten very good at regulating his temperatures so is able to handle cold water swims in his deeper pool. 

Gaining weight

July, 18th 2015

Dusky is eating very well and gaining weight quickly. Once he meets ASLC's release criteria, which includes a minimum weight, Dusky will be released.


July, 28th 2015

Dusky has been moved to a larger pool with other seals from a similar rescue location. The three seals will be released together this fall if all goes well!


September, 9th 2015

Dusky is doing great in the pool with the other seals. They all compete for fish - a skill which is essential for a seal in the wild.

Release day!

October, 1st 2015

Today is his big day! Dusky has passed all health exams and is ready for release.  Along with his two pool mates, he will be flown to King Salmon to be released in the same waters they came from.


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