Rescue & Rehab Journal

Alone in the harbor

May, 28th 2015

This seal pup was observed for a couple of days by fishermen in a harbor in Cordova with no other seals seen in the area. Unable to survive without its mother, NOAA-NMFS authorized the rescue of the pup and it was transported to ASLC for rehabilitation.

Vet exam

June, 2nd 2015

This pup is a boy that was named Wobbegong (Wobbe for short).  Today he had a veterinary exam for a suspected ear infection, and was given a treatment plan to clear up the infection.

Swim time

June, 5th 2015

Staff haven't seen any more external signs of ear infection.  Staff have been diligently flushing the ear and applying a cream with antibiotic properties into the ear. Today it has been okayed by the vets for Wobbe to have his first swim.


June, 13th 2015

Wobbe's doing great! Today he had a checkup to confirm there were no more issues with his ear.  He was mildly sedated so vets could get a good look inside his ear.  X-rays were also taken of his head.  After his exam it was confirmed he no longer has the ear infection.   

Fish school

June, 16th 2015

Wobbe had his first day of fish schooling which entails live fish being introduced to the water he is swimming in. His instincts are GREAT - he ate a live fish on his first try! Good job Wobbe!! He will be transitioning to an all fish diet soon.

Livin' the life

July, 9th 2015

Wobbegong is progressing tremendously. He spends his days and nights in a private outdoor pool, to keep him from becomming accustomed to humans. He is on the fast track for release - if he continues doing so well he will probably be back in the wild next month!

Final exam

August, 12th 2015

Wobbe had his final exam today to ensure he is in good health and ready for release.  Veterinarians did a thorough exam and took his final blood samples. His blood sample results look great.  He is in great health and will be released later this week.

Release day

August, 14th 2015

Today is the day the staff have all been working hard for and looking forward to! Wobbe will be released in Cordova this afternoon.


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